WRITING NEWS & TIPS 9/21/15-10/12/15

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My hope is to give you bite-sized writing tips. I’m starting about with the most basic advice a writer must know:

Rule #1: Read, read, read. Especially the genre you want to write, but read a variety of books.

Rule #2: Write, write, write. Write every day, even if only for five minutes.

Follow those two rules, and you’re on your way to being a writer.

September’s Books

Each month I will feature of my new releases, as well as one of my older books. Two lucky winners will one of the books. You increase your chances by commenting on the weekly blog, liking my page on Facebook, following me on Twitter and signing up for my newsletter.

The winners will be announced the following month. The winners for September will be announced on October 2.


(Historical Romance)

This month’s new book, A Texas Christmas, promises romances about “six unconventional women.” My heroine, Mary “Polly” Jessup is the oldest of motherless five-six children. Their father’s income as a bank teller only stretches so far; and when his failing memory causes him to use the bank’s money, Polly is left with an impossible choice.

If her father’s health wasn’t worry enough, she’s dealing with heartbreak. The man she thought promised to marry her before he left for college came home—with a fiancé.

Will The Face of Mary solve Polly’s problems in time?

A Texas Christmas includes by stories by myself, Ramona K. Cecil, Lena Nelson Dooley, Pamela Griffin, Cathy Marie Hake, and Kathleen Y’Barbo.

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The Face of Mary is also included in A Woodland Christmas: Four Couples Find Love in the Piney Woods in East Texas.

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(Contemporary Romance)

Back to the book that started it all. I wrote two books before I wrote Romanian Rhapsody, but I consider those a learning experience. Tracy Peterson recommended the Heartsong Presents purchase the story. Years later, I got the contract; and Romanian Rhapsody came out in 2005—ten years ago.

Romanian Rhapsody is the most autobiographical of my books. Writers are told to “write what you know about.” Well, I knew about music, and touring groups. That’s how my hero and heroine meet. Experts also advise us to “write what you’re passionate about.” I’m passionate about missions, and love the never-ending stream of different nationalities joining our country. At the time when I planned the book, Romanian orphans were frequently in the news—so I sent Steve and Carrie to Romania. They clash when they both want to adopt the same orphan.

Romanian Rhapsody should come with a warning label: be prepared for tears. Guess which cardinal rule of writing romance that I broke?!

It’s the first book in the Colorado Melodies series, which are listed below.

Romanian Rhapsody is available at Purchase on Amazon

Book 2, Plainsong, Purchase on Amazon

Book 3, Knight Music, Purchase on Amazon

Colorado Melodies, Purchase on Amazon