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Today I’m happy to introduce Linda to you…


Linda Ford grew up devouring books and making up stories in her head, often late at night when she couldn’t sleep. But she hadn’t planned to write. Instead, she dreamed of running an orphanage. In a way, that dream came true. She married, had 4 homemade children, adopted 10 and lived her dream. She lives on a small ranch in western Alberta, where she can see the mountains every day. She and her husband continue to enjoy their children and grandchildren. Linda also provides care for a paraplegic, double amputee man. She still finds a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction in creating imaginary worlds only now she does it on paper or rather, at the computer.



Linda Ford here. Nice to visit with you. I am an author of over 60 romances, mostly historical and mostly cowboy stories. You can find me at There is a button on the top left hand side that will allow you to sign up for my newsletter. You can also get a free story from me.

My latest release, Second-Chance Bride, is available on Kindle. It is the third in the Dakota Brides series.

With her husband now deceased, Freyda’s survival is in her own hands. If she can manage the two stubborn horses her husband left, she can manage the homestead too. But the horses prove unmanageable and she has no choice but to strike a reluctant bargain with her near neighbor. In exchange for his help, she will care for his two little boys.

Ward has known nothing but pain and disappointment in his relationships with women. It makes it difficult to trust his pretty neighbor.

His walls of distrust and past hurts are high–maybe too high for Freyda to scale. Can she, and two little boys, open his heart to love again?

Available here:

I want to share one of my experiences as an author.

Book sales were disappointing. The current work in progress was not coming together. And winter was long, cold and white. I knew my mental enemies by name: Discouragement, Despair, Depression and Defeat. I sensed them closing in on me and felt powerless to defend myself but I had no desire to let them overcome me.

At church, the preacher was speaking on 2 Timothy chapter 4, in which Paul instructs the young Timothy on how to continue in his task. In verse 5, he says, ‘Keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry.’ (New International Version)

The sermon touched a chord in my heart. Did not the same admonitions apply to me and my life?

  1. Keep my head. As Rudyard Kipling says in his poem If:

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs
…If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,

…You’ll be a man, my son!

I don’t want to be a man, thanks. But I do want to keep my head. I think that means not letting the circumstances dictate my decisions and choices or even my attitude.

  1. Endure hardships. Who promised me a rose garden? A 6-figure income? No one. Instead, I must run toward the prize. I must not give up.
  2. Do the work. That part is relatively easy. My work is to write stories. I’m not saying it’s always easy. Sometimes I press my head to my palms and cry in frustration. No, writing is often hard work. But unless I continue to do it, I won’t be going forward.
  3. Discharge the duties. That’s where the rubber hits the road for me. The duties of an author in this present world include doing the job of an editor (or hiring it done). The same with cover art. And then there is publicity. All things that are beyond the scope of writing and yet necessary to my work.

I found these four guidelines so encouraging that I have written them in the front of my journal as my roadmap. Maybe you’ll find them encouraging too.



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