Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Do you choose a “word” for each year? I’ve been doing it in recent, and I’ve found it very helpful.

My word for 2018 is “New.”

I believe God is telling me that the new year will take me in exciting new directions. And that they won’t be anything I can predict. That generates a feeling of hopeful expectancy. Each day I wonder, “will it happen today, Lord?”

That attitude changes how I look at what I’m already doing. I wonder with glee, what is God going to do with this? And my new tinted glasses turn a rosy hue.

God has drenched me with blessings this Christmas week. Take those new glasses. I saw the optometrist last month and he ordered new glasses with a special tint to help me with the problems I’m having with bright light. A few weeks later, they told me I couldn’t get the glasses because I already received a new pair in July. I pointed out I never got those glasses.

When no one said anything further, I decided it wasn’t going to happen. I was waiting until after the holidays to ask for the prescription so I could get them elsewhere.

Yesterday the coordinator brought me the glasses I had ordered in November.

It changed my attitude about something as simple as a pair of new glasses. So I look forward to a year of growth and transformation.

All the while resting more, accepting the changes the age brings, removing the clutter from my activities to focus on what is important.

Join me on the journey!

P.S. I have no new books this month. Check next month when A 12-Month Guide to Better Prayer and All Roads Lead Home will release.

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