Name your favorite John Denver song. I dare you. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a hard time. Wander down Country Roads? Leave on a Jet Plane? Thank God for Country Boys? Feel Sunshine on my Shoulder? I had to settle for the song that led me to Colorado: Rocky Mountain High.

October 12th is the twentieth anniversary of his death. I present to you Take Me Home: Three Romantic Novellas Based on John Denver Songs. It includes my story, Her Rocky Mountain Highness, as well as Thank God for my Country Boy and Calypso Reimagined. The collection is being offered as one of my give aways this month.

As for other news:

I’ve completed the first thirty prayers for Pray Through the Bible. What a blessing!  Here’s one to give you a taste:

Lord Father, I thank You that the Bible shows me the great saints of faith with all their faults. Abraham was able to go for years without hearing from You, but not Moses. You even gave him a helper. Oh, how I thank You that I don’t have to measure up to someone else. You will prepare me uniquely for my calling. If I need repeated instructions—You are happy to guide me. So let me get busy, preparing for the work You have given to me. With the assistants You have given to me, beginning with the Holy Spirit. Because of You, I will complete the task. Amen.

I’ve picked up again on my Harvey Girls/Charles Lindbergh story. Imagine going on a plane with Lindbergh? I’m flying with him over Oklahoma in my imagination.

Check out the fascinating story of Tapiwa “Gwen” Marange in this month’s issue of

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