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Small-Town Bachelor

The struggling single mom is doing her best to raise her three kids. But when her eldest son is caught skipping school, she needs help. Thankfully, truant officer Garrett Sawtelle is on her side. Soon Verity is turning more and more to the caring educator, who’s awakening tender feelings she can’t afford to act on.

Garrett wants to make a difference. He knows it’s against the rules to get too close to the families he counsels. But the spunky widow and her children are fast becoming part of this bachelor’s dreams for the future. Can he convince Verity that, together, they can build something real and lasting?

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Single mom Verity Clark has her hands full! Widowed five years before, the family is still grieving both husband and father. When the oldest son Keenan begins to act out by skipping school, Verity knows she needs help. Truant officer Garrett Sawtelle steps into their lives and things will never be the same! Dedicated to turning young lives around, he begins to care for this family more than he imagined. Has God put these two together for a happily ever after?

I related to Verity in a small way. Having been a single mom once, I can understand the struggles of everyday life & just trying to make ends meet. She’s riddled with guilt when things begin to take a wrong turn with her son. When reinforcements come in the form of Garett, can she rely on both him & the Lord to work things for the better for her family? I really fell in love with Garrett! He has a real heart for wanting to help young teens stay the right course. He’s the kind of man that I can admire, he’s Godly, believes in the power of prayer, and is tender hearted. He begins to not only care about Verity, but for her children as well. I enjoyed reading their love story! Filled with faith, love, overcoming through God & a tender romance riddled with obstacles to overcome, this story touched my heart. It shows the everyday real life of two flawed people who put their trust & hope in God!

Thank you Darlene for a touching story filled with hope in the Lord!



A very good read. An insight into a widow’s problems with 3 children. Along comes our hero but she isn’t sure just how close she should get. Is it time? You need to read it for yourself.



Authors are always grateful for reviews and I appreciate every review I receive for one of my books. Thank you to these ladies for sharing their thoughts. Happy Reading, everyone!

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