Writing News — December 31

Writing News this week:

Brainstorming: God has given me so many blessings this week, including a fairly idea for a book unlike anything I’ve ever done before (totally different genre). The fact it occurred to me on Christmas day makes it feel like it was a gift from God and I should write it.

I’m slowly polishing the proposal for Holidays of the Month Club. I’m moving from writing a 22K novella to a 75K full length book. I needed to develop a detailed synopsis to make sure I had enough material for a longer book. I wrote one, went back and studied it, rewrote it. Now I almost have too much for a book! But if that happens, I can cut out some of it. I had the rough draft earlier. Now I have a middle-stage proposal. Everything is there. Now I need to make sure it’s my best writing and that everything is complete and consistent.

Writing: I’ve completed 80% of the prayer book and staring down the barrel at the end of this ambitious project. I have grown and prospered in the project. Please pray that my enthusiasm won’t flag as I finish this offering.

I carved out a few weeks to finish a book my granddaughter asked me to write: Spirit: A Horse and a Girl. I’m about two-thirds of the way through this 16 chapter mid-grade chapter book.

Editing: I received back edits for the 2019 edition of Daily Wisdom for Women. Finished them and returned them to the editor. On the books I’m currently, my attention jumps back and forth from writing, editing, back to writing.

Marketing: My monthly column will now also appear in Pastor Resources.

All January long my publisher is holding a month-long New Year’s Eve party. Tons of GREAT prizes – check it out at https://www.facebook.com/groups/400037533750695/.

See you again next year!

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