Writing News — February 18

Here is the cover for my next novella, which is scheduled for release on April 1. It’s part of the xxx collection.

It’s another retold fairy-tale. Puss ‘n Boots comes to life on the coast of Maine when Max Roy’s father leaves him nothing except the fishing shack they used during the summers and their old fishing boat. A Will she be the harbinger of good fortune as he pursues the lessons his father wanted him to learn?

I’m halfway through the rough draft. It has a number of autobiographical notes. I used my great-granddaughter and granddaughter’s middle names for the heroine: Alyvia Bailey. And I decided to not only draw on my experiences in East Boothbay, but I actually set the shack along the bend in the road from my parents’ cottage back in the day.

Toss in Bootsie the kitten and Thomas, the wise older tom cat, two of my favorite creatures on earth, the story is practically writing itself. Today, how will Alyvia react now that’s she’s learned a little bit more of Max’s history? I can’t wait to find out.

I’m also working on a proposal for 100 Ways to build a Christian Writing Career. It’s not about how to write, or how to market, even. More about the business of writing, time management, record keeping, business contacts, etc.

Review of All Roads Lead Home are beginning are beginning to trickle in.

“Really fun and interesting story…” Judy DeVries

“This is an amazing book. I’m not totally convinced the 1st page isn’t a time travel portal… It certainly FELT like I was right there in Waynoka, OK.” Sarah Sarber

“The history that was involved in this story was as amazing and along the stops that they made.” Karen Riley

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