Writing News — July 1

What’s up with Darlene? I just wrote a lengthy introduction about my health problems. Boring! I’ll shorten it to say I struggle with periods of sleepiness and alertness. When I’m sleeping as much as twenty hours a day, I get very little work down.

Last week was like that. I’m on the rebound. I’m working again, and I’m excited about the possibilities ahead.be

I’ve been invited to submit a proposal for a 34-week course in writing for home schooled writing students. What an exciting opportunity, to play a small part in training a new generation of writers!

I’m also finishing my devotional-writing project for the Living Loved project. They’ll be releasing a month-long sampler within a few weeks. I still have several remaining to write.

I’ve also been writing material for guest blog posts, working on my August column for Book Fun Magazine, and I’m about to finish up my third straight month of writing poetry. Here’s one of my efforts from yesterday, which reflects my ambivalent mood:

Excel: A word to celebrate

A statement implying all’s well

A bell ringing praise at the gates

A date by which time all must gel

Foretell disaster if I’m late

For excellence lost isn’t swell

Darlene Franklin @2018

Praise God with me for online exposure recently! Check out this articles and interviews:

“I Flunked Out of my Dream” Issues I Face, https://issuesiface.com/academic-failure

“Resisting Conflict,” On a Mission, http://women-on-a-mission.com/digital/Summer2018/38/

“The Many Sounds of Majesty” Oklahoma Senior News and Living http://women-on-a-mission.com/digital/Summer2018/38/

“Re-Inventing Myself Again,” on the Over 50 Writers blog, http://www.pattishene.com/theover50writer/558-WELCOME-AUTHOR-DARLENE-FRANKLIN

Check back tomorrow for information about two new books.

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