Writing News – July 23

I’ve had so much writing news lately, I’ve been afraid I’ve been overshadowing my wonderful guests! So, I’m shifting all that news to a day of its own, once a week on Sundays.

Where am I at in my writing, mid-July 2017?

My 50-book Jubilee, held on July 10th was a huge success. Almost 500 stopped by and a lot of fun was had by all. I felt like God gave me a week-long hug!

I have finished the rough draft of this year’s Christmas novella: Christmas Child (September release date.) Preston Marshall and Eliza Lampert plan on going their Rhode Island cotton mill’s annual masquerade as a soldier and servant girl working at Herod’s palace. They didn’t expect to have to defy the mill owner to rescue a child in danger.

I’m also busy working on devotions from part of fourteen Bible books (all of Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther and Romans) for the 2019 edition of Daily Wisdom for Women. I am thrilled to be writing devotions for a year-long plan to read through the Bible.

My publisher, Forget Me Not Romances, is celebrating Christmas in July. Nine of my Christmas stories and collection are available for 99 cents:

  1. An Advent Journey through Matthew
  2. An Apple for Christmas
  3. First Christmas
  4. Jacob’s Christmas Dream
  5. Christmas Mail Order Angels
  6. Open My Heart This Christmas
  7. Merry Matchmakers
  8. Matchmaker Mixup
  9. Merry Christmas, With Love

Upcoming interviews and events:

July 24 – interview and giveaway with Debbie Costello at http://www.debbielynnecostello.com/

July 24 – interview and giveaway with Donna Schlacter at http://www.historythrutheages.com/

July 27 – interview and giveaway with Catherine Hershberger at www.catherinecastle1.wordpress.com

July 27 – Facebook party: Christmas Mail Order Angels in July at https://www.facebook.com/events/110117242965812/

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