Writing News — May 13

I have finished the rough draft for Nuts for Coffee (part of the Coffee Club Mysteries, to be released by Barbour Books in 2019) Yippie! It’s a fun cozy mystery about a retired office worker on the track of the killer of her former boss’s daughter.

I’ve also received edits back on the re-release of Lucy Ames, Sharpshooter, in this fall’s Old West Christmas Brides from Barbour Books. (https://www.amazon.com/Old-West-Christmas-Brides-Historical/dp/1683227166/)

As soon as I finish: Nuts for Coffee, I’ll be planning my Christmas novella, The Christmas Candle Caper, part of A Small Town Christmas (coming from Forget Me Not Romances this fall)

My May column on God’s traffic lights is now available at:



I’m working on an article about living with my daughter’s mental illness for Issues I Face. More details soon!

After the fun I had with April’s PAD challenge, I created my own chart of poetry prompts using letters, colors, parts of speech, and poetry forms.

Here’s a rather silly result, based on “D” and orange:

Danger Cones

Tall Cones

Orange plastic

–Do not defy the warnings—

Wet floors and accidents alike

A movable alarm

I’m happier with this one:

How happy a Highland holiday

A hammock in the heather at harvesttime.

Hastening through happy hours

A hamlet where hope is harnessed

Inhabitants hardworking and honest

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