Writing News — October 22

Now all together for the first time for the low price of $2.99:

MAPLE NOTCH ROMANCES: Eight Couples Find Love Over the Year Purchase here

I have completed 78 days of 365 for Prayer Through the Bible in a Year and written fifty-eight percent of All Roads Lead Home, my Harvey Girls/Charles Lindbergh story. I’m having fun traveling with my characters along the Santa Fe railroad line and visiting Harvey Houses from Waynoka to Los Angeles

I have a new widget on my website where I can add books. With over 100 books in my arsenal, it will take a lot of time to add them all but I’m going to start with my most current books. So check out My Book Table here

And below are a couple of my recent pictures.

Happy Mole Day tomorrow!

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  1. Ruthie Hasselblad
    Ruthie Hasselblad says:

    I wrote a long comment here and somehow it didn’t go through.
    Short version: Reading the book you sent.
    Love the pix you color and send to FB. Very inspiring.
    Captive brides looks interesting


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