Writing News:

Forward progress: I’m at 150 of 365 prayers written Praying Through the Bible (Barbour, TBR Nov 2018) When I add in others I’ve started down the road, I’m over half-way through the rough draft.

Cracked Ice: What Happens When the Lights Go Out?, a short story collection from Oklahoma City Christian Fiction Writers, should be released  today. I’ll add the link as soon as I have it.

Woo hoo! I’ve also complete the rough draft of the first three chapters of a new full-length book proposal.



36 copies still available! The good news is, I received another box of copies of Daily Wisdom for Women 2018 Collection, so I’m to give away more copies of the devotional. Only 5 remained on Friday, so hurry while they’re still available

5 remaining copies of 2018 Daily Wisdom

12 remaining copies of Captive Brides

https://www.amazon.com/Christmas-Mai-Order-Angels-Historical-ebook/dp/B07377M26S19 copies of any ebook that’s 99 cents.

Ho-ho-ho: All Christmas titles and collections from Forget Me Not Collections are available for 99 cents through the end of November, including the ones featured below.

Christmas Mai l Order Angels: Second Edition: 10 Christmas Historical Romances by [Franklin, Darlene, Hickey, Cynthia, AlLee, Jennifer, Lilly, Teresa Ives, Stowe, Tanya, Hall, Patty Smith, Greene, Anne, Rogers, Martha, Dooley, Lena Nelson, Boddie, Brandi]https://www.amazon.com/Christmas-Mai-Order-Angels-Historical-ebook/dp/B07377M26S




A Christmas Masquerade: 7 historical romances at a Christmas ball by [Hickey, Cynthia, Lilly, Teresa Ives, Turner, Niki, Franklin, Darlene, Welborn, Gina, Whitham, Becca, Rogers, Martha]                                        Merry Matchmakers: 10 Christmas Novellas (A Merry Matchmaker Novella) by [Hickey, Cynthia, Franklin, Darlene, Mayne, Debby, Whitham, Becca, Martin, Gail Gaymer, Johnson, Jennifer Collins, Turner, Niki, Hall, Patty Smith, AlLee, Jennifer, Higman, Anita]



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